Securely manage, share and track access to information across your organisation


Forget the Spreadsheets!

Easily manage access to privileged information and collaborate between teams securely with advanced permission and access management.

Each staff member has a unique Locker Secure Key that can be tracked, providing operational security and operational efficiency across your organisation.


Features To Secure Your Organization


One Master Password

One password for access across multiple items and devices. With Locker secure your organisation and protect yourself from intellectual property theft and fraud.


Easy Setup

Download the app and insert the Locker key. Login using your company ID and access key and create your master password to start using Locker.


Two factor Authentication

Locker uses two-factor authentication, a secure key and password through the web app and AES-256 bit encryption, providing you with enhanced security.


Create Secure Passwords

Generate secure passwords and encourage responsible password setting using the password strength indicator. Minimise your risk by setting secure passwords.


Protect Passwords and Files

With Locker Enterprise you can define custom fields and securely store any type of information including notes, documents and files.


Remote User Termination

Disable Locker Enterprise with one click. Streamline employee exits or in the event of security breaches, or lost and stolen keys, terminate user access to protect your organization.

Protect your organization with privileged password management.

Save passwords, allocate and track user access and accountability easily with Locker Enterprise.

Features To Manage Your Security

Features To Manage Your Security


Effortless User Management

Administrators can assign employee user permissions, managing access for individuals and teams within an organization. Locker keys are unique to each employee and easily re-assigned when employees leave or if user privileges are revoked.


Track User Activity

With the Locker Enterprise user administration app, you have access to detailed activity logs and user reports to track usage, Use Locker to develop organisational compliance guidelines and assign accountability to employees and create a more secure organisation.


Backup and Recovery

With Locker Enterprise your entire password locker is stored on our secure cloud servers, giving you peace of mind so you can focus more on business and less on data security. In the event of a disaster, download your backup, plug in your master key and you’re back in business.


Real Time Syncing

With the Locker mobile app, employees have access to all the same data, anywhere and across multiple devices. Any changes made will be automatically applied to the mobile app so employees can work from anywhere, increasing work efficiency and productivity.

How To Use your Locker Key


Download & Install The App


Insert Your Locker Key


Enter Your Company ID & Access Key Provided By Us


Create & Save Your Passpharse


Create Your Groups, Users & Templates


Create Passwords


Manage & Track Access Safely

Locker app

Locker Mobile

All your passwords in one place.

Download Locker mobile, sign in and your data will be synced automatically. Browse and access your accounts securely from anywhere.

For the times when you have to take work home. Locker mobile gives you instant access to all your information when you need it.

Download the app:


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Individual Plan
$38per pair
  • FREE Cloud Backup
Enterprise Plan
$21per key
  • FREE Cloud Backup